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People playground apk download for Android Free Latest version

People Playground apk is a lightweight app (~1.9 MB) that ensures best enjoyment for casual/analog gamers. You can challenge to play with rag dolls until you achieve a specific goal.

You can burn them, crush them, shoot them, stab them, poison them, and even vaporize them! Even better, the game offers extremely detailed graphics for a very satisfying gaming experience. The sound of each action will surprise you!

Also, the sport has many various gadgets for you to use while playing with the rag dolls, as well as electronic gifts! So every second could be different. No chance of boredom anyway!

?What is People Playground Mobile APK Game

People Playground Apk is a weird but addictive simulator where you have to navigate through a dangerous open world. Many defenders of evil can be found here, and they all handle it in different ways.

With the People Playground app, you can take down anything your way with any acceptable weapon. Fire weapons, trade blows with axes, stab with sharp knives, or come up with other creative ways to kill. A fascinating excursion to explore the surroundings.

You can drive a car or a truck, travel in a tank or fly through the sky in a big fighter plane. Explore your surroundings, which will give you various opportunities to destroy your opponents. You have to pass difficult exams, fight against monsters and other creatures and defeat many enemies.

Kill anyone who tries to prevent you from achieving your objectives. Execute the designated goal regardless of obstacles. Collect the most powerful weapons to help you achieve your goals while having fun.

People playground apk
People playground apk
TitlePeople Playground
 Up to dateMar 6, 2022
 Suitable withAndroid 5.0 +
 Final version2.0
 Measurement2 MB
 DeveloperMizoxat Studio 2019

Packed with Exciting features

This app has several features that make every moment exciting. They understand:

  • Lots of objects to play with. This app has plastic, rubber, wood and human for you to use. You can burn them and watch them slowly turn black like coal. This event guarantees maximum satisfaction!
  • conductive items. The app also has various items that can carry current. You can use them in battle or watch your rag doll get electrocuted! Interestingly, humans are pretty good at it too!
  • Explore different worlds. This Android game app offers different universes with their own features and challenges. It also allows players to create their custom maps using the world editor.
  • custom characters In this game app, you can not only play with rag dolls but also use the character editor to create characters and install powers on them. For example, you can make them invincible!
  • Many projectile weapons. The app offers different types of projectile weapons such as guns, grenades, and even rockets! You can use them to destroy your opponents or level the ground! You can use them with rag dolls for fun!
  • Provides great replayability. People Playground for Android has different maps to explore. There are many more events, challenges and rewards waiting for you to discover them. Even your personalized card offers a high level of challenge because it is unique to you!

How to People playground apk download for Android?

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